How do I cleanse my Crystals?

How do I cleanse my Crystals?
The easiest way to “wash” your crystals, is to give them a full moon bath. 
Allow them to sit outside for up to 12 hours - no longer.

If there is no full moon, you could use Sage, Palo Santo, or any other type of smudging tool you are drawn to.

You can also use brown rice. This method is used to draw out negativity in a safe and contained setting. It’s especially beneficial for protective stones, such as black tourmaline. 

* Dispose of the rice immediately after the cleansing. Place rice in a bag and dispose in outside trash can or away from the home as the rice has absorbed negative energy.

Using a Selenite crystal also cleanses other crystals of any negativity.

Sound healing like chanting, singing bowls, a tuning fork, or even a nice bell can be used to clear any negative energy as well.

Get Grounded! What is Grounding and Why it is so important.

Get Grounded! What is Grounding and Why it is so important.

😑“You’re grounded!” Used to be such a horrible thing to hear huh? But it’s actually a great thing to be grounded.

😳 Oh my goodness! Have y’all been feeling that energy lately? The energy has been super intense for me and my family. It reminded us that we need to ground ourselves before we do anything.

There’s a few different ways you can ground ...

🐕 One of the easiest ways to ground is having a pet. Animals naturally know how to ground themselves and get rid of energy that does not serve them. Give them a hug or pat them and they will start absorbing the negative energy and help you get that funk out.

🌱 Another great way to help yourself get grounded is, making direct contact with the Earth. Standing barefoot or laying in either grass, dirt, sand or any top layer of the Earth.

💧 A quick way to ground yourself if you don’t have access to a pet or aren’t able to be outside is using this grounding oil. We use this oil under our feet to help us establish a strong connection with the earth. When we are connected, life flows with so much more ease.
Grounding has many health benefits. It improves sleep, enhances your immune system and many more positive effects on your body. Also, if we do come in contact with funky energy, we are able to release it quickly because we are plugged in aka grounded.

🤔 Do you guys ground yourself? If you aren’t yet, Do yourself the biggest favor and get GROUNDED.

Your Words have Power

Your Words have Power

Have you ever inserted, “I’m just kidding” at the end of a sentence when you see it has made someone have a negative reaction to what you said?

This is because Words are singularly the most powerful force available to humanity. We can choose to use this force constructively with words of encouragement, or destructively using words of despair.

Words have energy. They carry the power to help, to heal, to hinder, to hurt, to harm, to humiliate and to humble. The energy of your words, can invoke fear or love. Love and fear are both energy vibrating at different frequencies. Just with your intent - you can shift the energy that feels stagnant, leaden and heavy and make it golden, loving and light.

Use your words wisely and see how your world begins to move differently.

Grab an oil such as Transformation, Believe, Peppermint, or any oil that makes you feel empowered and allow that oil to help you transform your words. Work with this oil for a few days with the intention of infusing your words with only positive and loving words. I believe in you and I know you can do it! 

When we change our words, we have the power to change our world and the world around us.

Feel Your Feelings Friday

Feel Your Feelings Friday
Checking in on you today. How have you been this week?

I'll go first. These past couple days, my emotions have been all over the place. With all the uncertainty swirling in the air, I guess it was bound to happen. Anxiousness and Fear were the dominate ones that started to rear their heads. UGH! Uh Oh! Not this again. My heart began racing and I could feel my breathing becoming more shallow. The feelings were quickly welling up in my chest. I had to do something fast to help myself not completely freak out. I needed a turbo boost of something that would ease my nerves asap. In swooped these 2 little superheroes. I use them in a unique way and they were able to bring calmness to my mind and body within minutes. Yes! Sweet, Sweet Relief! Huge game changer for dealing with Emotions all naturally. The biggest plus is - no negative side effects.

Let’s label today Feel Your Feelings Friday!

Let’s do something real quick. Stop what you’re doing. Grab whatever oil (or Nature's Ultra CBD oil) you are feeling drawn to. Take a couple drops into the palm of your hand. Cup your hands over your nose and mouth & begin to take some slow deep breaths with your eyes closed. Embrace Whatever feelings you are feeling and allow the oil to dissolve the emotions you are struggling with. Emotions are meant to communicate what is going on internally. Do not be ashamed of your feelings - there are no wrong feelings. Your feelings are meant to be expressed. What are your emotions trying to tell you? 

Remember, it is ok to feel a wide range of emotions throughout the day. If we tune into what these emotions are trying to tell us, we will greatly enhance our overall health and wellness. If you are needing some extra support during this time, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me. We are all in this together. Sending you lots of good vibes!

Today, Fear Almost Won

Today, Fear Almost Won
Today was the day, where Fear almost won.

How have you been doing during this season? I’ve been so strong for my babies and Putting on a brave face telling them, “everything is gonna be good.” And they believe what I say. I do everything in my power to make them feel safe. They say, ”Mom, if you say everything is going to be good, I believe you.”

But the truth is, I don’t know what is going to happen. Today was the day where I began to fe
el some fear setting in. With everything going on, I started to feel helpless and stressed out.

I started to have overwhelming thoughts of “what-if” this and that happens. The rapid breathing started to set in and I was on the brink of an anxiety attack. I prayed and God provided.

I looked down and then glanced over and seen my diffuser in the corner. I quickly was reminded that I am not helpless. There are things I can do to help me and my family. I diffused something to support our immune system, help our racing minds and restless bodies calm down.

It worked like a champ! I was able to bring peace back into my mind and body with a few deep breaths of this magical blend. So thankful for these oils and the support they provide. What do you to tame the fear beast when it starts to rear it's ugly head?

If you don’t already have your Young Living oils or your membership expired, let me help you get yours today. They truly have been such a life saver for me and my family. I just know they will do the same for you too.

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