💚 Some of My Best Days Started with ...

💚 Some of My Best Days Started with ...
Some of my best days started off with ...
just one drop 💧

The power these little bottles have - still blows my mind.

Feeling sad? Mad? Disappointed? Fear? Or want to keep those happy vibes?

So thankful me and my family can use One little drop to change our entire day all around. We are no longer at the mercy of what happens throughout the day. We have tools to help us shift out of a bad mood fast. One tough moment doesn’t have to rule our day anymore.

Why put drops of oil on your head? We are all energy and everything is on a frequency. The top of your head is constantly accessing and sifting through information. Every single oil is on a frequency and helps us align with the energy of the oil. (Note this is why quality of oil is so important. Cheaper oils are often mixed with fillers and don’t give us the properties our mind, body and spirit need to thrive).

Also, dropping an oil a couple inches above your head, helps to infuse your Aura (personal energy field) with the selected oil. If you want to protect your energy from bad vibes, I highly suggest using White Angelica or any other high frequency oil. It effortlessly helps to protect your energy from negative vibes.

Have you had your own magical experience with these powerful plant allies? If not, I’m here to help you customize the oils that are best for you.

Can you guess what oil I’m dropping on the crown of my head? Hint, I feel so much “Inner Harmony” when using this .