Get Grounded! What is Grounding and Why it is so important.

Get Grounded! What is Grounding and Why it is so important.

😑“You’re grounded!” Used to be such a horrible thing to hear huh? But it’s actually a great thing to be grounded.

😳 Oh my goodness! Have y’all been feeling that energy lately? The energy has been super intense for me and my family. It reminded us that we need to ground ourselves before we do anything.

There’s a few different ways you can ground ...

🐕 One of the easiest ways to ground is having a pet. Animals naturally know how to ground themselves and get rid of energy that does not serve them. Give them a hug or pat them and they will start absorbing the negative energy and help you get that funk out.

🌱 Another great way to help yourself get grounded is, making direct contact with the Earth. Standing barefoot or laying in either grass, dirt, sand or any top layer of the Earth.

💧 A quick way to ground yourself if you don’t have access to a pet or aren’t able to be outside is using this grounding oil. We use this oil under our feet to help us establish a strong connection with the earth. When we are connected, life flows with so much more ease.
Grounding has many health benefits. It improves sleep, enhances your immune system and many more positive effects on your body. Also, if we do come in contact with funky energy, we are able to release it quickly because we are plugged in aka grounded.

🤔 Do you guys ground yourself? If you aren’t yet, Do yourself the biggest favor and get GROUNDED.