Feel Your Feelings Friday

Feel Your Feelings Friday
Checking in on you today. How have you been this week?

I'll go first. These past couple days, my emotions have been all over the place. With all the uncertainty swirling in the air, I guess it was bound to happen. Anxiousness and Fear were the dominate ones that started to rear their heads. UGH! Uh Oh! Not this again. My heart began racing and I could feel my breathing becoming more shallow. The feelings were quickly welling up in my chest. I had to do something fast to help myself not completely freak out. I needed a turbo boost of something that would ease my nerves asap. In swooped these 2 little superheroes. I use them in a unique way and they were able to bring calmness to my mind and body within minutes. Yes! Sweet, Sweet Relief! Huge game changer for dealing with Emotions all naturally. The biggest plus is - no negative side effects.

Let’s label today Feel Your Feelings Friday!

Let’s do something real quick. Stop what you’re doing. Grab whatever oil (or Nature's Ultra CBD oil) you are feeling drawn to. Take a couple drops into the palm of your hand. Cup your hands over your nose and mouth & begin to take some slow deep breaths with your eyes closed. Embrace Whatever feelings you are feeling and allow the oil to dissolve the emotions you are struggling with. Emotions are meant to communicate what is going on internally. Do not be ashamed of your feelings - there are no wrong feelings. Your feelings are meant to be expressed. What are your emotions trying to tell you? 

Remember, it is ok to feel a wide range of emotions throughout the day. If we tune into what these emotions are trying to tell us, we will greatly enhance our overall health and wellness. If you are needing some extra support during this time, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me. We are all in this together. Sending you lots of good vibes!

Full Moon Protocol

Full Moon Protocol


I wanted to share with you guys something that I've been doing to help me during the Full Moon time. 

In the past, I had a very hard time grounding myself around the Full Moon. But I have been learning how to use different tools to help me work with the Full Moon energy so it won't through me off balance.

🌙 The Full Moon is the perfect time to get your crystals out for a moonlight bath. (Also, you can place a jug of water outside too and soak up the good vibes). The moonlight will infuse your water and crystals with the beautiful healing energy of the moon.

💫 If you are extra sensitive to energies like I am, here is My magical Full Moon Roller you can make that has:

Tiger’s Eye stones for grounding, aids in releasing fear, anxiousness, promotes harmony & balance.  

White Angelica - helps put out an energetic shield around you so you don't soak up any negative energy.

Highest Potential - Helps to encourage you to use your talents and gifts to their highest potential.

Citrus CBD - Helps aid the nervous system to take a chill pill (plus smells good too)

Roll behind neck and onto shoulders.

* (You can also pray, meditate or infuse Reiki in each completed blend of oils because everything is Energy and prayer/meditation/Reiki/love is some of the purest energies).

💓Grateful there are tools that I can tangibly lean on when I start to feel some sort of way.

Do you have a Full Moon Ritual? What oils or crystals do you use to help you feel peace, calm and grounded?

Mindset Monday - What Do You Gain when You Complain?

Mindset Monday - What Do You Gain when You Complain?
What do we Gain when we complain?