✨How to Get What You Want
Save, Share & refer to often. Having the right Mindset is more important than ever right now!

Please understand, Our Thoughts and Words have so much power. Don’t ever take for granted how your thoughts and words can shape your reality.

How many times have you asked someone what they want ONLY for them to end up telling you what they don’t want??

This is one of the many reasons people won’t see what they want come to fruition. They are too focused on what they DON’T want.

Right here right now, take a minute to ONLY focus on what you want. Wanting still comes from a place of lack. Replace the word WANT with CHOOSE.  
(Think for a moment ) Got it? Now, imagine you have what you are seeking. How does it make you feel? What does your life look when you have what you want? How does it smell? Does it have a taste?

Want to turbo boost this process? Take a drop or 2 of your fave essential oil, inhale slowly and deeply. Start focusing on what you choose to happen vs. what you don’t want. You will see how quickly your perspective changes and how things will begin to shift in your life. Do this for 21 consecutive days to see some concrete results. 
Don't loose hope if you are not seeing instant results. Remind yourself, you are planting a seed. The seed does not sprout over night. Would you dig up the seed the next day and say, "The seed did not grow! I give up!" No, You need to nurture and take care of the seed if you want it to produce fruit. Your dreams are the seeds that need loving care. Be gentle and consistent with the ideas you place in your mind.

*Please Note, All Essential Oils are not created equal. If you need any guidance on which oils are the best to use, send me a message. I’ll send you a list of some power house oils I use to help create a happy and healthy life.


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